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Dollar for Diabetes 2022

Dollar for Diabetes 2022

Turn your humble dollar into a superhero!

Dazzle the diabetes hero works hard every day to help Aussie families affected by diabetes. You too can become a diabetes hero and join Dazzle in their mission to reduce the impact of diabetes by fundraising this September for Dollar for Diabetes.

Take on the Dollar for Diabetes challenge

How far will you walk or run this September to help reduce the impact of diabetes?

3.3km per day for 30 days

6.6km per day for 30 days

 10km per day for 30 days


Choose your own distance


You can register as an individual, family, running group or workplace. Every dollar you raise will support people living with, or affected by, diabetes by helping to fund life-changing research, education programs and services, and camps for children living with type 1 diabetes.

If this challenge is not for you, you can choose to fundraise in any other way.

Find more fundraising ideas and resources here 

How to get involved

Sign up!

Register as an individual, family, running group, school or workplace and choose your fundraising activity


Personalise your fundraising page with a photo, your fundraising event and why supporting the cause is important to you.


Share your page with your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to support you.

Have fun

remember to take photos along the way, share them on social media using #dollarfordiabetes and have fun!

Diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition. And a potentially life-threatening one. More than 370,000 Victorians are living with diabetes, and a further 280 Aussies are diagnosed every day. With your help, we can reduce the impact of diabetes, giving people living with diabetes hope and confidence to live well with diabetes while we continue our search for a cure.

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Every dollar raised works hard to help people affected by diabetes through funding:  

Research discoveries

Diabetes was once a death sentence. Thanks to research, advancements in technology are transforming lives, giving people more confidence in managing their diabetes and giving them a better quality of life while we search for a cure.

Education programs 

Education programs provide people the skills and knowledge to self-manage their condition effectively, which helps to also reduce their risk of serious diabetes complications; such as amputation, blindness, heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

Support and advocacy services

Managing diabetes can be challenging and overwhelming. Support and advocacy services provide practical help and support with the challenges that individuals and families may face when living with diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria camps

Attending camp can be life-changing for a child living with type 1 diabetes. Children gain confidence and independence learning how to manage their condition and making life-long memories and friends other children living with diabetes.

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Got questions? Contact the fundraising team on 1300 437 386 or email: fundraising@diabetesvic.org.au – we are here to help!