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A cure starts with research

A cure starts with research

A cure starts with research...

Right now, more than 366,000 Victorians are living with diabetes. Around 90 Victorians are diagnosed every day – including young kids like Susan. 

Susan's Story

Susan, an energetic 10-year-old, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year.

It was a complete shock to her family. 

“At the time it felt like the floor was dropping away underneath us. 

It was overwhelming. We were in shock,”
- shares her mum, Frances.

Susan currently needs four injections of insulin and at least six blood glucose checks each day. She lives with a needle phobia that can cause her to become physically sick and even pass out. 

But her mum, Frances, is hopeful for a brighter future for her daughter. Her wish is with better care options, support and technology, Susan can avoid the complications of diabetes.

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Peter's Story

Diagnosed in 1946, Peter cannot remember life without type 1 diabetes. 

But he does remember the shocking impact that diabetes had on him as a child. Long hospital stays, countless injections and, at the time, missing out on joining the kids’ cricket team.

“My journey with diabetes has not been without complications. I was out playing golf and felt unwell. A visit to my GP resulted in me being transported by ambulance to have surgery on Christmas Day, 2013. I had a heart attack after complications due to my diabetes. Since then, I have had four bypasses and stents,” – says Peter.

After a lifetime of diabetes and seeing how far our understanding of diabetes has come, Peter looks to the future with positivity:

“What we need now is a big leap forward in research to bring an end to diabetes for good,” - says Peter

Donate now to help change lives 


Research is needed to change the lives of people affected by diabetes now, and into the future. 

With a tax-deductible donation to our appeal before 30 June, you can support the research that will ultimately help to find a cure for kids like Susan and millions more.

Click here to donate securely online or call 1300 437 386.

Your special gift will fund research to discover new medications, technologies and prevention strategies and, ultimately, a cure for all types of diabetes.

Your gift will have a real impact – funding more research right here in Victoria.


Associate Professor Michelle Keske has dedicated her entire 20-year research career to understanding diabetes. Her interest in diabetes is personal. As a child she watched her grandfather struggle with diabetes. He sadly died of a stroke (a known complication of diabetes). 

Dr Arpeeta Sharma is focussed on understanding the vascular complications. Through her research, Dr Sharma hopes to improve quality of life for people with diabetes and hypertension – with fewer heart attacks and complications. 

Dr Sharma says her biggest barrier to success is a lack of funding.

“Diabetes is more than a 'blood sugar problem'. People with diabetes need to not only look after their blood glucose levels but also their hearts and all blood vessels in their body,” 

– says A/Professor Keske. 

“Diabetes is a silent killer and the cardiovascular complications that arise due to diabetes are significant. We know through our research that the drugs and technology that have been developed over the past 10 years have been phenomenal in managing diabetes, but without research funding, we cannot uncover breakthroughs,” 

- says Dr Sharma.


Associate Professor Michelle Keske and Dr Arpeeta Sharma are recipients of Diabetes Australia Research Program (DARP) grants – made possible by our generous donors. Many more researchers apply each year but miss out due to limited funds available.

We strive to change this with your help.

Thank you.