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Hope For A Cure

Hope For A Cure

Bring hope to families affected by diabetes

Did you know, there are currently more than 360,000 Victorians living with diabetes? One in four people in Victorian hospitals have diabetes. And more than 16,000 Australians die every year from diabetes-related illnesses or complications.

Please donate to reduce the burden of diabetes and help accelerate research discoveries. 

Your generous gift will help us progress towards finding a much-needed cure for all types of diabetes.

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Diabetes Victoria has been funding research that focuses on all aspects of diabetes, as well as searching for a cure. And thanks to our supporters we have been able to make important progress to the lives of Victorians living with diabetes, like that of Indiana and her family.

Indiana's story

Indiana was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just 5 years of age. From such a young age, Indiana’s parents saw her world turned upside down.

Her mum Lauren shares:

 “We need to always monitor Indiana’s levels – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s exhausting for Indiana and exhausting for everyone. There is no OFF switch… when there is no explanation for her levels playing up and not having control that scares us the most, still to this day.”

However, while there are always tough days, there have been some highlights in her diabetes journey as well. She is now using a pump – this is making a big difference to her quality of life and bringing peace of mind to her parents.

Lauren explains:

"During the nights, the insulin will automatically cut off to prevent the lows. Though they still happen, it’s much less than it was and much better controlled.”

But at the end of the day, Lauren's biggest hope is for a cure.

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Tyler's story

Advancements in technology are saving lives and changing lives. They are helping kids and families, every day. Including other kids and families like Tyler and his parents.

Despite these advancements, our hope is that the discovery of new prevention strategies and a cure will one day eliminate diabetes altogether.

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Why is funding for research so important you may ask?

Professor David O’Neal, clinician researcher and past recipient of grant funding from Diabetes Victoria, explains:

“Diabetes research funding is crucial as it provides those committed to improving the lives of people living with diabetes with the means and knowledge to achieve this end.” 

Professor O’Neal and his team, is currently working on a number of promising research studies that are expected to improve the lives of people living with diabetes, including working on an artificial pancreas. This consists of an insulin pump connected to a blood glucose monitor that automatically adjusts blood glucose levels.

But there is much more to be done, as diabetes is still a dangerous condition. And there is so much we don’t know about what triggers the onset of the various types of diabetes.

With your help to accomplish further breakthroughs, we can continue to make significant strides in research discoveries and bring hope to Victorians living with all types of diabetes.

Please donate to help our search for life-changing discoveries, and an all-important cure, by making a special tax-deductible donation by 30 June to support diabetes research.

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Donations of $2 or more are tax- deductible. You can also donate by calling Diabetes Victoria on 1300 437 386.  

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