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Dollar for Diabetes

Dollar for Diabetes

Turn your humble dollar into a superhero

A dollar won’t buy you dinner or even a cup of coffee, but it can do so much to support people affected by diabetes.

Turn your humble dollar into a superhero by supporting our new fundraising campaign, Dollar for Diabetes. By making a donation, or holding your own fundraising activity, you will join a super league of heroes changing the lives of more than 357,000 Victorians living with diabetes.

Donate now 

How can donating one dollar make a difference?

Your small change can make a BIG impact through helping to fund new research, education programs, services and camps.

“One of the greatest things we have done is send Scarlett to the Diabetes Victoria camp. To be able to interact with other kids, learn more about diabetes and how to manage it on a daily basis has been fantastic. If I could recommend one thing to other families, it would be to send your kids to this camp at least once.”

Stewart Henderson

“It was challenging but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s so wonderful to be able to manage your own diabetes yourself. Now I can do it, I’m confident.”

Heather Gannon
 on attending an OzDAFNE program

“This grant means we’ll have the opportunity to keep exploring ways to fight insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.”

Professor Itamar Levinger, 
Diabetes Australia Research Program recipient


How to become a superhero

If you would like to be a hero to people living with diabetes, you can

  • donate $1 or any amount you choose here.
  • set up an online fundraising page and invite your family, friends and colleagues to join you in this superhero league.
  • help spread the word and share your support on social using #dollarfordiabetes.
Want to make a bigger impact?

Take on a personal challenge for one month and ask your family, friends and colleagues to support you by donating $1 for every

  • kilometre you walk, run, swim or cycle 
  • each day you give up coffee, sugar or something else you love

You can also: 

  • collect a $1 from your work colleagues and ask your workplace to match it.
  • get your school involved and collect $1 from your school community.
  • Have a business? Why not choose a product and donate $1 from every sale?

Start fundraising now 

Got questions? Contact the fundraising team on 1300 437 386 or email: fundraising@diabetesvic.org.au for guidance on your fundraising activity.