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Dollar for Diabetes useful resources

Fundraising ideas to get you started

There are endless ways you can choose to fundraise… but the best way is to choose something you feel comfortable doing and represents you!

No matter whether you choose to do something big or small, every dollar you raise will help to have a life-changing impact on Aussie families affected by diabetes. Are you wanting to fundraise but are stuck for an idea? That's okay! We have loads of inspiration to get you started. 

  • Colour walk-a-thon -  take your standard walk-a-thon to an extreme level of fun by dousing your students and teachers with nontoxic coloured powder every time they complete a lap. 
  • Sports day - include super fun activities like dodge ball, tug-of-war, relay races and student vs teacher sport competitions.
  • School sleep over - a great way of getting students ready for camp.
  • School disco - let your students and teachers bust out their best moves with a school disco.
  • Dress-up day - dress up as your favourite superhero, sports team, Disney character or attend school in your pyjamas.  
  • Get mobile for charity – Run, cycle or swim 100km (or laps) during the month of September or choose your own distance.
  • Undertake a personal challenge - Set a weight loss goal, dye your hair, give up chocolate or learn a new skill.
  • Hour of pay - Ask your family and friends to donate just one hour of their pay.
  • Morning tea or luncheon - Invite your friends and family to enjoy a healthy morning tea or luncheon and ask for a donation.
  • Movie marathon -  get together with friends, share your favourite movies and donate what it would usually cost to go to the cinema.  
  • Bad tie day - ask your staff and colleagues to wear their loudest or ugliest tie or scarf. Vote on who is the winner and award a fun prize.
  • Top spot bidding war - host a bidding war to use the boss’s office or parking spot, or a colleague's talents or services, for a day.
  • Get mobile for charity – set a team goal to run, cycle or swim a set number of kilometres or laps during the month of September.
  • Jelly bean jar guessing competition - fill up a jar full of jellybeans and ask for a donation per guess. The winner takes the beans!
  • Give up coffee for a day - Ask your staff and colleagues to give up just one cup of coffee in September and donate $5 instead.

Resources to help you on your way

Every hero has special tools to help them complete their mission. Here are some resources to make your mission a success:

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