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Corporate giving and partnerships


Click here to make a donation under your business name to Diabetes Victoria or contact our team to discuss customised recognition benefits.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is an easy, cost-effective way to make a big difference. It enables you to make regular donations from your salary using pre-tax dollars, which can also reduce your taxable income and provide tax savings.

By supporting Diabetes Victoria through workplace giving, you are helping to fund vital programs; including life-changing education programs, camps for kids living with diabetes and cutting-edge research.


Matched contributions

Many organisations also choose to match employee contributions. This is a great way to give back and showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Research also suggests that workplace giving can increase employee engagement by strengthening productivity, gratitude and pride.


Donating through Workplace Giving is very simple and has a number of benefits. 

  • Once you complete the registration form and indicate how much you would like to give, your employer deposits your donation directly into Diabetes Victoria’s bank account.
  • Your donations are made using pre-tax dollars straight out of your pay so you receive tax savings.
  • You can give as little or as much as you like.
  • Because your donations come straight out of your pay, you don’t need to worry about receipts.
  • You can cancel your donation at any time by informing your HR/payroll department in writing.

To start making regular, life-changing contributions through your payroll, simply fill out the Employee Workplace Giving Registration Form .pdf and submit it to your HR/Payroll department.


A Workplace Giving Program is a simple, effective way to give back to the community.

 To include Diabetes Victoria in your Workplace Giving Program, simply fill out the Employer Workplace Giving Registration Form.pdf. We will then set up a donor account for you and provide you with everything you need including impact updates to recognise your support.

 We also have an Employers FAQ sheet.pdf to assist you with any questions you may have.

There are several organisations that administer Workplace Giving Programs or can assist with the set-up including Good2Give and Good Company

You can also find information on workplace giving programs from the Australian Taxation Office here.


If you have any questions relating to Workplace Giving or would like a member of our team to make a presentation to your organisation, contact our fundraising team on 1300 437 386 or: fundraising@diabetesvic.org.au

Corporate Partnerships

Diabetes Victoria supports, empowers and campaigns for all Victorians living with, or affected by, diabetes. Diabetes is a 24/7 condition with no known cure. More than 350,000 Victorians are living with diabetes. Around 80 Victorians are diagnosed with diabetes every day. 

We need your help to achieve more. We fund vital research to discover new prevention strategies and search for a cure for all types of diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria has a strong community of more than 38,000 members as well as health professionals, fundraisers and other supporters that regularly engage with us. Since 1953, we have provided life-changing programs and support to Victorians living with diabetes.

We develop meaningful, innovative and sustainable corporate partnerships in many different sectors.

Corporate partner commitments are available through financial and in-kind donations.

 How to get involved

  • Support our capacity building through a strategic partnership
  • Donate a percentage of your profits to diabetes research
  • Sponsor a conference or community event
  • Set up a workplace giving program to allow employees to donate to Diabetes Victoria and match their contributions
  • Organise a workplace fundraising event such as a walkathon or morning tea
  • Provide skilled or unskilled volunteers
  • Sign up to our Collection Business program to donate pre-loved clothing
  • Enquire about a diabetes awareness presentation or type 2 diabetes prevention session for your workplace


Send us an email or call 1300 437 386 to enquire about corporate partnerships today.